Lipgloss Obsession and Lip Care

So my lipgloss collection is growing little by little but I need to stop obsessing over lipglosses that are on sale! I don`t if any of you ladies are just as obsessed as I am but I absolutely LOVE lipgloss as you can see lol. Like I just can`t leave the house without putting on some lipgloss cuz I`m not trying to embarrass myself by having chapped up lips, that`s a HUGE NO NO in my book. When I head out I usually have 4 lipglosses with me: a healing mint based one, red or pink tinted flavored one, oil based one, and a glitter flavored red or pink one lol. I`m sorry but my motto is: `You never know who you`re going to meet!` So looking and being on point is a must for me each time I head out the house. I`m not really huge on makeup like that but a lady`s eyebrows and lips must always look good! And of course a well-taken-care-of-foundation-free face.

On Dr.Oz recently he was talking about how some lip balms are addictive and that`s cuz of these 3 chemicals in it: menthol, camphor and phenol. He suggests to stay AWAY from lip balms or any lip product that contains these 3 chemicals. Also these are the chemicals that cause nice tingling sensations on your lips. Now what he does suggest you to get are any lip products that have Shea butter, lanolin or coconut oil. These are natural skin softeners and will do wonders for those sexy lips lol! Also for exfoliating dry lips or normal lips you take some honey n mix it with sugar until it becomes like a thick paste then rub it into your lips. I remember seeing this on YouTube. You can do this daily or a couple times a week. Just be careful not to eat up the mixture all the time cuz diabetes is super popular and you DON`T want it! Another thing I learned from Dr.Oz is that if you have a sweet tooth then buy yourself vanilla lotion, by smelling it n wearing it this will decrease your sweets cravings. Also buy cacao nibs to eat as a snack.

Whew! Well I hope you ladies (and gents) learned a lil something from what I wrote. I also meant to mention earlier that my lipglosses range from $1.00 to $8.50 in this obsession collection lol. I`ve gotten them from my local beauty supply store, Victoria`s Secret, Payless and my top fav Bath and Body Works!

Hope you all enjoyed my lil article and picture. Be sure to follow me n I will follow back. Also leave your comments and questions below. Ciao Bellaz! ^_^

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