Lip Smackers amp Polish?

5 years ago

This is one of the most ridiculous hauls.. ever. I`m not even going to pretend it isn`t. I was out looking for the rest of the new Milani spring polishes. I had absolutely no luck in that area and I stopped at a lot of different places.

On one of my stops, however, I figured I`d go ahead and check out their selection of other polishes. I mean, I was already there. I swung by the Sally Hansen section and was browsing through their nail pens. I`m trying to get all of the chrome ones. I think they must be discontinuing their chrome version because most places I go they have a close out price marked on them. This was no exception. For $1.25 I picked up Turquoise Chrome. They only had this one, red, and gold. I have the red and gold already.

As I was about to go check out with just the Sally Hansen pen my eyes darted over to their little kiddie section of Bon Belle and Lip Smackers. I couldn`t help myself.. I decided I was going to look for one of my childhood favorite glosses. I used to get one that was white(ish) with micro shimmers in it and it was vanilla scented. I didn`t find the exact one, but I think that is just because it became this new version. Instead of just being "Vanilla" it is now "Vanilla Frosting." I picked it up hoping it would be the same.. once I opened and smelled it.. sure enough.. it is!! WOOT! I don`t care if the package says it is for ages 6 and up.. I just happen to fall in the "and up" category! HA!

The last item I got purely out of curiosity. I saw they had scents like M&M and different beverages. I couldn`t help myself when I saw the CocaCola one. I wanted, so badly, to see what that would smell like. They had an original CocaCola (which was a pink-red tint) and Vanilla CocaCola (white with shimmer). As you can see, I chose the vanilla one. Let me just say... this is the weirdest thing.. ever. If you were to pour a can of CocaCola into a glass with ice and stick your nose near it while it was still fizzing and bubbly.. THAT is exactly what this smells like. It has a hint of sweet, but it has a spicy carbonated scent to it.. I know that sounds strange, but trust me. Needless to say, I enjoy CocaCola, but I am not so much a fan of that smell in my lip gloss. I had to get it, though, or I`d have regretted it.

So, that is it for my ridiculous mini haul. This is the goofiest haul by a long shot, but... whatever. :-D


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