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5 years ago

Sorry I do not have swatches on this one like my last lipstick collection blog! BUT I do have them , and it would not like me upload the swatches on here!! So if there is a color you want to see a swatch of I can make a seperate blog about it! But on this i will have a description of each color!!

1. Pink Vibration by Elizabeth Arden- Yes, I know this is not a lipgloss, but it is a lipstick that I forgot to put in my collection blog. I love this color, it is definitely my weapon of choice in the spring and summer cause it is a very bright hot pink! I love wearing it with pastels andn bright colors! This is very pigmented and has a very good consistency. I give this a 4 out of 5 stars. Because it is pricey.

2.Preppy By Lily Pulitzer by MAC- This is unfortunately a limted editon one. This is such a FABULOUS COLOR!! It has siliver glitter and is a bright pink shade. I love wearing it over my pink vibration or by itself. It is not too sticky, and the glitter is not too chunky. I have not been able to find a dupe for this , but if you know of one, please comment the dupe! 5/5 stars

3.Pink Lemonade by Beauty Rush - This is such a nice color , I feel like you can wear this color whenever, It is packaged as a pinkish - red color, but when it is on your lips it is a glossy hot pink. It has a nice taste, and glides on smooth. These can be bought at Victoria`s Secret , and I forgot how much they are, but I remember they were for a reasonable price. 4/5 because it was nothing too special.

4. Crantastic by Beauty Rush- I think this is my only really fall colored lipgloss! It is a orangeish- red color with little flecks of glitter. Again it is a reasonable price, and the glitter is not too chunky. I would wear this by itself. 5/5 stars

5. Pink Grapefruit by Liplicious - This is a very little baby pink color. It does have some glitter in it. This is a nice color to wear by itself, and when you want to go for the " Natural Makeup " look it goes well. This brand is at Bath and Bodyworks! It also has a nice taste and smell. 5/5 Stars

6. Go go Gogi by Tarte- This is such a neat product! It has two tubes and one tube is the color of the lipgloss and around that tube is a clear gloss. It is a sheer natural lookng gloss. I would suggest if you want it to look more pigmented wear a lipgloss under it. It is a very light pink color! It is very pretty and smells good 3/5 cause it is pricey it is 30 dollars.

7. Sweetheart by Juicy Tubes- This is a very bright redish hot pink color. I would wear this by itself cause it is very pigmented, and it is a great Valentines Day color! It is kinda pricey, but I would definitely buy it again. It smells nice as well. 5/5.

8. Crush by Urban Decay- This is such a PIGMENTED HOT PINK COLOR!! A little goes A LONG WAY!!! I love this color when I wear blue smokey eyes, cause it balances out the colors. It has a minty smell and is kinda sticky. I love that packaging on it`s cap. I give this a 5/5.

9. Mango by Beauty Rush - A very very light baby pink color, with flecks of white glitter. It has a great taste and smell. I would wear this over any light baby pink lipstick. This is definitely another lip gloss I would buy. 5/5
10. Nude York City by NYC- This is my only Nude Lip gloss, and I would of never bought it if it was not for The Influesnter Vox Box. BUT I AM OBBESSED!! It is such a nice nude color and has a great smell. It also is very cheap, I am pretty sure it is a dollar!! I would definitely buy it again!! 5./5

10. The last is a borghese by costco. I do not like it. It was cheap 0/5

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