Lion Country Safari @ Florida

5 years ago

While I was in Florida, one of the places my friend took me to is the <strong>Lion Country Safari</strong>. We had coupons where you basically buy one get one free, so each ticket only cost like $15 with the coupon which I think is a great price because the original price would have been about $30 a person.

The first part of the safari is a drive through, which means we are in a car to look at some animals. We are not even allowed to open our windows incase it causes an animal to react and want to attack us. The other half of the safari isn`t really big but we get to do some feedings with certain animals and that was basically my favorite part. <em>Here are some snapshots of my trip throughout the safari.</em>

<ol><li><strong>Zebras;</strong> This is the first time I seen a zebra up close. They weren`t really white and black because they were pretty dirty but they still look so beautiful up close.</li>
<li><strong>Rhino;</strong> It was so close to our car, scary but cool at the same time. First time I saw one and it`s really HUGE. Probably can knock our car down and can crush me LOL!</li>
<li><strong>Monkeys;</strong> They really made me laugh, especially that one on the right. It really looked like he was trying to piss my friends and I off with his facial expressions. I snapped so much photos of him because it was hilarious.</li>
<li><strong>Parakeets;</strong> My friend was feeding them, I was very afraid because they were literally flying everywhere and going so crazy LOL, my friend is too brave.</li>
<li><strong>Giraffe;</strong> Now there is me feeding the giraffes. They are so cute in person, I never knew they were so cute! Their tongue is sooo long and so much saliva and there were flies in their eyes which I find a tad bit gross.</li>
<li><strong>Goats;</strong> The next two pictures was me feeding goats. Their eyes are weird, kind of creeped me out and they are so mean LOL, they wouldn`t let me feed a baby goat =(</li>
<li><strong>Camel;</strong> Me riding a camel LOL, it was pretty fun but there was so much flies as well. Many flies in the camel`s eyes as well, don`t know why, very yucky.</li></ol>

I had such a fantastic time. I enjoyed seeing animals I never seen in my life, so up clsoe too. I also was able to ride on this paddle boat there but didn`t get to take pictures of myself doing it. I also saw some lions but most of them were sleeping LOL, what piggys.

<em>Have you ever been to a safari before?
Have you seen animals up close before that it felt so unreal?
What type of animals have you fed before?</em>

(All images belongs to me, please do not take or use. Thank you)
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