Limonazo (Mexican candy)

Ok, I really have to tell you all about this Mexican candy called Limonazo. It is very sour and salty. No, not the kind of sour that we`re all used to, here in the US. Usually candy that`s called sour in the US comes with something really sweet.

This is straight up sour and salty. Don`t let that scare you away. Think of "Don`t Judge a Book By Its Cover". It`s actually really REALLY good. You can simply open up the little packet and put it on the palm of your hand and start eating it like so.

Or ofcourse, you could also pour it in your mouth with the little packet open. But I prefer it on the palm of my hand first, since it is full of flavor, wouldn`t wanna over do it by just pouring the packet in my mouth.

A really cool way to have this is to have it with some CORONA BEER! OMG! That is the best! Since Corona is bitter, just have a nice long drink of that really cold Corona beer and then (immediately) have some of this Limonazo! MMM! You just can`t go wrong.

You can even mix in a cup: ice, vodka, 7up/sprite, LIMONAZO... and oooh-wee! Great cocktail!

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