Limited Edition Sugar Cookie Flavored Pop Tarts

7 months ago

This here is a box of limited edition pop tarts by Kellogs. It`s not their regular fruit flavored ones but a sugar cookie flavored one. It also has a edible printed image on it which is so cute. It`s a snowman chasing a pop tart with the pop tart screaming.... Hahaha
I must admit, this is my very first time trying a pop tart. I would`ve never had one if I hadn`t spotted this at the 99 cents only store. Yup, you`re not seeing things. I bought this at the 99 cents only store for 99 cents, well actually $1, since they round off the penny which is a rip off imo.
But anyways, it comes in a box of 12 which is individually wrapped in packs of two.
It does taste like a generic sugar cookie. I prefer the real thing cause those tastes way much better.
Some of you might be weary of buying food from the 99 cents only store. But I think it`s fine as long as you check the expiration date. The box I bought doesn`t expire until August 16, 2016. They also have it in the pumpkin flavor. And I mainly purchase brands that I`ve heard of. And Kellogs is a brand sold in popular grocery stores. And for the price I paid, it`s totally worth it to pick up to satisfy the kids sugar craving once in a while.

Have you bought any food items from 99 cents only store before?

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