Limited Edition Maybelline Baby Lips: Review!

4 years ago

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Hey Luuux!
I`ve been seeing some posts about these Limited Edition Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balms, and I went searching for them! I love the ones I own in "Quenched" and "Pink Punch", so I really wanted to get my hands on these! It took me a few trips, but I finally found them at one of my local Walgreens :D I was so excited about them, I had to make a post right away ^^


<strong>Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm Limited Edition 2-Packs</strong> ($7.99 each)

Pack #1 includes: Pink Wink (LE) & Peach Kiss
<strong>Pink Wink</strong>: This is one of the limited edition shades that comes in a red tube and a clear cap with lime green writing. It`s a light bubble-gum pink that actually smells like 2 different things to me (haha)? Sometimes it smells like original Bubbalicious bubble gum, but then other times it smells like strawberry ice cream. The color payoff is very poor, but I do notice that it gives the lips a slightly lightened pink hue; it`s not very noticeable though. The texture is nice, it`s moisturizing, and it gives a nice healthy shine to the lips like the rest of the collection.

<strong>Peach Kiss</strong>: This one is part of the permanent line, but I don`t have it yet, so I didn`t mind getting it in the pack. It comes in a purple tube with peach-colored writing on the cap. The lip balm itself is a mauvey, pink-nude shade with silver microshimmers. On the lips, it gives a nice natural nuded out lip look with a healthy shine. It smells sweet, but I can`t exactly pinpoint the scent. It`s almost like the asian grape jelly candies (if you know what I`m talking about), mixed with maybe a hint of peach. Just know, that it`s a sweet candied fruit smell.

Pack #2 includes: Coral Crush (LE) & Twinkle (LE)
<strong>Coral Crush</strong>: This is also limited edition and comes in a coral tube with a clear cap with yellow writing. The lip balm is a bright coral shade that is relatively sheer, but it gives a pretty coral-orange tint to the lips. Like the others, it does have a healthy shiny finish. I was most excited about this shade, but the scent was disappointing :( It smells like mint leaves with a hint of orange/citrus, but sometimes it smells like pine trees?! O_O Not a fan of the scent, but it`s a pretty color with a nice finish.

<strong>Twinkle</strong>: This is the last limited edition shade of the bunch. It comes in a teal/turquoise tube with a clear cap with dark pink writing. The lip balm is a light gelatin-like color, that both looks and smells like strawberry Starburst! This has to be my favorite out of the bunch! Although you can`t really see any color on the lips, it gives a nice healthy shine like the rest of the collection :) This will definitely be in my purse for a while ^^


That`s it for this review! I just got them, but I`m already loving them :) Like the other Baby Lips I have, they`re moisturizing and just give the prettiest shine on the lips. They were a little bit pricey, but I didn`t want to try and wait for a sale because I couldn`t find them at most places I went. If you`re already a fan of these lip balms, I definitely recommend picking these up! Out of all of them, I like Twinkle the most for the finish and scent; but if you`re looking for something pigmented (like Pink Punch), then these aren`t for you. Out of all of the LE ones, I`d say Coral Crush would be the one closest to giving off any color.

Sorry that the pictures and swatches and everything were all out of order -_- I tend to be stupid sometimes when I take pictures (I forget about synchronization; le sigh~)

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