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5 years ago

There`s only one place where you can find unusual lipstick (blue, purple, black, yellow and more), and certainly in Lime Crime is but restrained myself this time in choosing colors, say more usable (Airborne Unicorn, Coquette and Cosmopop) . A few months ago came to me three brand lipsticks with a shade of powder, I will only show in another post, but I came here to show the colors and say what I thought the quality.

The packaging has become aware of all mad for makeup worth its salt, as well as very neat and beautiful, it`s different and good quality. The logo printed on holographic, known and loved as the unicorn, is inspired by the passion of the creator`s own brand (Doe Deere), and all cuteness and uniqueness of products as well. In short, it is robust packaging, with locks that work, well done design and larger than other packages.

The Airborne Unicorn is more purple than ever appears in the photos (see actual color here), and defines the site as the color is a medium purple-violet with a slight note of neon. The texture of all lipsticks are moisturizing and easy to apply, but all require careful when combining and application.

The Coquette is a pale nude with peach background (see actual color here), but also defines the site. Both are great coverage and pigmentation, usually nude lipstick is a problem to apply for either stain or accumulate, but have not had this problem with Coquette, but rather is necessary to erase the entire lip before applying it, otherwise the contour of lips is just bad.

The Cosmopop is a pale orange, also with a note of neon, and depending on how it can be applied more vibrant or more pale (see actual color here). The duration, as I said in another post, is very good (on my lips, remember), even though it lasts for less creamy than others I have (other brands), but other than Centrifuchsia these three colors do not tend to leave the lip "tainted" even after removed, do not know if it depends on the lot, in any form is not a point to note because I do not believe influence the final product quality.

Lipsticks are desired, I wanted it (and I wish them all!) Long. I thought it was legend, U $ 16.00 and that was not a fair price for a lipstick just usable, but they are a fever, a true collection of pure joy, impossible not to want any. I still think it`s lipstick for strong personalities, who likes to take risks and know how to use, but as I have shown at least one nude is wonderful for those who like to stay on the safe side of makeup. It is the hint, I sincerely liked and while I have no against stress.

NOTE: The products have been delivered in perfect condition, packed in plastic bubbles and everything you need. Delivery time for my city, was one month (date of end of year), I had problems with taxes and so on. I received the products, so I can not comment on the amount of freight, but you can do a simulation by clicking here. Remembering that my opinion is sincere and based on testing isolated at least two weeks, and not in comparison with other products.

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