Lilu Perfume Review!

4 years ago

Lilu was the scent that I lived in throughout middle school and part of high school. I went through bottles and bottles of it, lol. Its another PacSun perfume like Nollie, but unlike Nollie, Lilu is a much more noticeable scent. And it makes me smile a bit more :) Lilu is a girly scent that has a bit of a zing to it. When I smell it, I think beach, surfboards, puka shell necklaces. Not surprisingly, then, the online description for it says, Lilus perfume is inspired by fresh and breezy floral fragrances of the Hawaiian Islands and the South Pacific. However, its not light and airy like you might think a beachy fragrance is. Remember the zing I mentioned? I cant put my finger on it but I love it. It stands out and probably requires a particular taste for it, you know? All my clothes used to smell like it back in the day and it makes me smile to remember it! :D I dont think its by any means a younger scent because it definitely has a heavy zing to it on top of all the beachy and breeziness. And I actually think it works quite well as a day or night scent for the same reason! Apparently PacSun discontinued this but then brought it back again. You can see the old one on their website (its no longer available for purchase) but then if youre actually interested in purchasing it, you can go Id say its
definitely worth checking out just because of how different and unique it is! Stay tuned for more perfume reviews from my collection!
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