Lilly + Top of the Foot Pain = Tendonitis?

4 years ago

I have been more hardcore with my running because judgement day is coming aka Sea Wheeze half marathon in Vancouver this coming Friday. So the past 2-3 weeks I have been stepping up my game and I noticed I was able to shave minutes off of my best running times running in my Vibram Bikila finger shoes and last week and the week before I did 10-14 k runs and then noticed some pain about a week and a half ago in my left foot. I was like it`s fine tough it out it`s just new shoes and you can rest for two days from running Saturday and Sunday and the pain subsided a bit and then the past Sunday I did a 22km run in 2 hours and 3 minutes just to make sure I wouldn`t die running 21km in the half marathon and my left foot hurt for the first 2km and then went away. When I got home oh dear lordy I could barely take my shoes off haha. I took an ibuprofen and an omega 369 as they are anti-inflammatories and then had a hot shower and massage my muscles in my legs and nothing hurt the day of or after minus that spot where your big toe bones connect to the second two bones almost at the arch of your feet.

Then I googled it and noticed a lot of barefoot runners have experienced this. Top of the foot pain is considered a form of tendonitis and is commonly caused by excessive tightness of the calf muscles, over-exertion during exercise, and falling of the foot arch. I read that if it is true tendonitis it should go away within a few days to two weeks. I have been icing it, using Tokuhon analgesic patches for pain, wrapped it up in a tensor bandage so my foot is not moving in irregular positions, and taking ibuprofen, omega 369, and chia seeds with water as they are anti-inflammatories.

I am still running the half marathon. The pain is bearable and I`m going to suck it up and rest my legs and feet the next few days only doing upper body and core exercises and continuing the care plan and hope for the best.

Have you ever experienced tendonitis?
How long did it take to go away?
Would you still run the half marathon if you were me?

Picture is mine. You can use it if you want to kiss my foot better :p

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