Lilly Finally Got Her Man A Smiley Bowl

4 years ago

My fiance had been eying the Eva Solo 31 cm Smiley Bowl for a while and I offered to buy it for him before but he said no babe it is too expensive. Then a few weeks ago I noticed he had it on his iPad when I went over I knew he still wanted it but didn`t want to spend that kind of money on a bowl so I did it for him. It was $88 plus shipping which put it close to $120 and there was $35 in customs from UPS, darn UPS hates you. The smiley bowl is hand blown so every bowl is unique and there is the possibility of air bubbles existing within the bowl which he had and I wasn`t sure if he was okay with it, but he was when he saw it lol. It has a stainless steel base and the bowl is dishwasher safe so we`ll be sticking pistachios and probably peanut m&ms in or on it since you can put things on top or inside :) But if I wanted the bowl would I have bought it myself? Probably not because I would`ve thought the same way he did, that is it too much for a decor piece, but knew how much he liked it so because I love him, the bowl is now sitting on the coffee table.

Has there ever been something you wanted to buy but didn`t want to splurge or it but your significant other bought it for you or a family/friend bought it for you?
Have you ever bought someone something they really wanted that they didn`t want to spend the money on?
What do you think of the smiley bowl? It sure looks happy lol.

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