Lighted USB Cable

5 years ago

Since technology evolves everyday, we`re all looking for the ultimate gadgets everyday... So, what`s new? Well, not much.. Only an USB cable that has a light in it... And why would you want to have an USB cable with a light in it? I don`t know... But I know that I`ve never seen anything like it before.

As you can see on the photos above, it is just any regular USB cable. In one side it has a regular USB connector and in the other side, you can choose between a regular micro-USB connector, that is compatible with almost all the gadgets on the market these days, or a specific connector for Apple products. The most important to see is that blue light that goes from one extremity of the cable to another, making it something very cool to use and to watch. You can almost see the information travelling from the computer to the portable device.

If you like it, it can be yours by $26, which is a lot, seeing that it is just any other regular cable in terms of functionality... But it has a very cool aspect. The question is: that blue like really worth the extra money?

What do you think? Would you buy it?

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