Life With A Lapband Eeek!

4 years ago

By the age of 23 I had gone through so many diets and nothing helped. I decided to get the Lapband to help curve or physically reduce my eating so that I could improve my physical health. Little did I know that the mental aspect of yourself needs to be healed as well. I learned the hard way about gorging and having to let it back up, it was not fun and felt horrible. So after a stern conversation with myself lol i put myself back on my pre-op diet, basically no sugar, no carbs, and small plates of food only a cup in size and doubled my work out plan, not as a self punishment but to slowly bring myself to reality.

I could no longer eat how I use to, so to get rid of my food impulses I had to constantly monitor myself, the first year went by great I have lost 65 pounds and no longer using the pre-op diet and taking my time with every meal. But during this holiday season I have plateaued a bit which is to be expected. I`ll work it off hard with my new exercise equipment! I get fills bi monthly as needed, it`s convenient and I can have as much put in or taken out as I want.

This picture it of the hypodermic needle my doctor did my very first fill with , if your wondering if it hurt, it doesn`t. Because the first shot in your abdomin is with a regular sizes needle to numb the pain thank god! If I had any advice to give, it would be if food is your emotional crutch you should think about therapy sessions to talk out and help deal with some of the issues that lead you to food.

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