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4 years ago

I brought this after I got really sick of normal hair dyes and the english type just doesn`t cut it for my asian never comes out even close to what I really want,the colour range for dark hair is only limited to dark-medium dark brown,so I end up having to use a blonde hair colour and that turns my hair very brassy. Let`s just day that I am NEVER going back to normal english box hair dyes for lightening my hair.
I got this liese bubble hair colour in milk tea brown after seeing some really good reviews on it and I thought that it must be good as it is japanese and desgined for asian hair. It did take me a while to find this and when I did, it did not come in cheap at 12pounds per box. Now if you got this in asia this would cost around 5 pounds,but not looking as I will be going and my hair was really in need of dying,I caved and brought it. I ended up getting 2 boxes even though it is suppose to go a long way,but my hair is really long (1 inch from my waist) so I thought that I would need 2. I was wrong. It cover my hair and it could have covered it if it was long-guess I would just use that for root touch ups. Does anyone how you would do that? ( I have not found out how yet and atm it looks like I will just have to wing it.
Anyway,back to the review and results.
In the box you will get:
This weird mix thing for testing the dyes
A fomer cap
A hair styling creme thing
Now not like tradtional hair dyes, this is a foam hair dye and it is supppose to cover all your hair evenly and you would not have to use as much product or have as much skills.
This is also not like the english foam hair dyes ( which is a copy of these japanese ones) it actually doesn`t drip and stays foamy in your hair- compared to the english ones that drips and just turns to liquid as soon as it goes onto your hair.
I am not going to say how I mixed it for what the process was, as this is pretty self explanitory and you can get english instructions.
This hair dye is very easy to apply turing into a foam ( like shampoo) and not going anywhere. It was every easy to cover all my hair.Sercret word: Stars (write it in the comments if you have actually read this :D ) This doesn`t exactly smell good, i mean it doesn`t smell that much once it`s in your hair, but the after smell it really bad. It just lingered in my hair for a few days even after shampooing and I did not enjoy that at all.
I have had my hair dyed with a loreal hair dye bedore and it turned pretty light, so I was hoping that this would cover and the roots of my hair would blend in. It didn`t. I naturally have really dark brown/black hair so the result was darker that the non roots of my hair which is according to the box light colour hair ( second catagory). So let`s just say that my roots are not a darker colour than the rest,which isn`t as bad as my natural roots,but I am not having to put my hair in a middle parting to make it not as obvisous. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? The result does come out darker that was it does say on the box. It also comes out a reddy almost brassy colour,which I was not expecting and looking back I probably should have got an ash shade. This did leave my hair feeling kind of norished,it did not dry it out as the loreal or past hair dyes did and I am very happy bout that. The only dissapointment for me was that the results wasn`t the same as the box, especially for the price that I paid.
Sorry for the rambling.
Thank you for reading :)
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