Liberté Grerk Yogurt Review

2 years ago

Something I really enjoy eating as a snack is yogurt. Especially Greek yogurt since it`s nice and thick instead of being running and watery. And everyone has been saying that Greek yogurt is generally better than regular yogurt, but who really knows if it is.

I decided to try the Liberté Greek Yogurt for the first time to see if it was better than other brand I`ve tried. The flavours I tried that I will be reviewing are lemon and black cherry.


- Lemon: I decided to try the lemon one since I like the odd flavour that you can`t generally find. The lemon flavour was jam like and was at the bottom of the container and top was the plain greek yogurt. This is just like how other brands do it with their Greek yogurt. And you`re meant to mix the two together so the lemon flavour is evenly distributed. The texture is semi-smooth and quite thick. I found the lemon to be quite sour and didn`t like it very much. I find the actual yogurt to leave a unpleasant after taste; it made my mouth feel waxy...

- Black Cherry: I decided to get black cherry since I have tried this flavour by other brands before and found that I liked it even though I don`t really like cherries (artificial flavours found in medicines). This one had the same texture and thickness as the lemon one. I found that I preferred this flavour over the lemon one sine it was a nice light sweet flavour. However, just like the lemon one, the actual yogurt left the same waxy after taste.

Overall, I didn`t like Liberté`s Greek Yogurt due to the after taste and their flavouring is not my favourite. I will not buy these again due to these reasons. Unfortunately I still have a number of their yogurt left since I bought these in a large pack from Costco. I still have their vanilla and coconut to try and I`m guessing I`ll get the same waxy feel again....

Do you like Greek Yogurt?

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