Li hing gummy bears

4 years ago

One of my friends asked me to buy her some Li Hing or Li Hing Mui gummy bears while I was in Hawaii and apparently that is the only place you can find them in the US. She told me that they were like the best gummy bears ever and I never even heard about it until she told me. It took me a while to find it because it was sold out at some of the stores I was looking at but I ended up finding it at a Longs Drugs.
Whats li hing mui you ask? Well from what Ive researched li hing mui is a salty dry plum and the li hing mui powder that is on these gummy bears are a red powder that is the ground up dry plum skin in combination with aspartame, food coloring, salt, and sugar. The powder you can purchase separately and is typically sprinkled over fruits or candies. Ive even see this powder as a topping at a few shaved ice places. I bought two of these bags and they were super pricey! Each bag was $6.30! Ridiculous right? I was about to buy 3 bags one for my friend, one for me and one for my brother but after I saw how much it was I ended up just buying two bags. As for the flavor to me its just tastes sweeter. I dont know what it is but I honestly dont taste anything special about them. Lol

<em>Any of you whove been to Hawaii, have you tried this?</em>


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