LG Optimus Elite

4 years ago

I have gone through a few phones on my lifetime, but the LG Optimus Elite was my very first ALL touchscreen phone. I was hesitant to buy an all touch screen phones because I liked having a keyboard to peck at since I type fast and tend to peck at the keys. With an all touch screen phone, it would be difficult to do so and all of the letters/words would not go through on the phone. Prior to using the LG Optimus Elite, I had the Blackberry Curve 8530 which I adored. It was a great phone with all the features I needed, and the keyboard was excellent. I would still be using that phone, if it wasn`t for the awful battery life that it had. The battery would last 5 hours with MINIMAL use. Horrid, I had to bring my charger everywhere with me. I changed the batteries, but nothing worked. So here I am with the LG Optimus Elite.

I would like to start of with the physicality of the phone, it is light and a nice phone to hold onto. The screen is big enough and the keys/touchscreen functions very well. The battery life is amazing and lasts all day for me which I LOVE. This phone is a fantastic phone with all the features I need and MUCH MUCH more. However, recently I`ve been experiencing some trouble with my texting - its been really slow. Some of my texts don`t send, and its hard to type. There are random letters and "." that appear in between my words. This is the problem I feared and desire a keyboard.

Overall I rate this phone a 7/10, and I recommend it. I just believe that my phone is faulty.

I just bought the Kyocera Rise yesterday, and will be switching to that this weekend.

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