LG makes a Windows Phone and the bet on Android

LG has announced that it has no project to launch a smartphone with Windows Phone and your bet is Android, which brings greater financial return.

The announcement was made in a Korean newspaper, the Korea Herald. According to the website, citing a statement from LG, smartphones with Windows Phone are not having the financial return required for the manufacturer to continue to work with the smartphone mobile operating system from Microsoft.

"The total number of units sold with the system is not significant," said an executive of LG during a conference on financial results, adding that is not provided for any smartphone with Windows Phone.

The article also stated that the situation can be reviewed when the release of Windows Phone Apollo.

After this article, the international press began to spread that LG was giving up on Windows Phone, which meant that LG send an email to explain what was said.

According to PC Mag, the email indicates that LG did not give up Windows Phone, but put it aside for now. LG will work on what consumers want, and for now, Windows Phone does not have priority, and the Android operating system a more acceptable and greater financial returns.

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