LG 50quot 3D Smart TV Plasma PurchaseThoughts!

Yeah, Plasmas aren`t quite in but have you seen the newly updated and redesigned Plasmas? They`re not that bad, they are extremely slimming just not light weight as a LED. My dad is into televisions but when his experience with a Samsung LED Smart TV (which he enjoyed) til a few months later- it started squeaking out of the blue and he just didn`t like how the resolution looked so now back to Plasmas. Plus, you`re saving a lot of money with a plasma. The weight of the television is heavier but with a LED, I feel that if I were to go by the tv and open the blinds, I can knock over the TV whereas with the Plasma, there is a good weight that it won`t knock over. So if you have kids, you might want to consider hanging a LED or getting a plasma that way your TV is secured.

About the TV:
It`s a 50 inch tv perfect size for our kitchen =)
3D ready so you can covert 2D to 3D - the only con is the glasses don`t come with the TV so you have to purchase it.
Full 1080p
Claims to have great 3HD experience with Display Certification
- Connect to the internet with the Magic Remote (the magic remote is like a wii remote)
- Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Facebook and so forth ready
- WEB BROWSING, You can web browse HOWEVER flash is not supported so if you wanted to watch your Korean Drama, you wouldn`t be able to but hopefully along the lines the software will be updated and you can.
- APPS - Free/Purchase Apps just like the App Store (but of course with different Apps)

Suggested Price: $1,699.99
They must be nuts but we got this baby on sale last week for less than $900 including tax so it was a steal.

Overall: The photo quality is amazing, I can`t wait to buy 3D glasses for the tv and I am loving this tv! I would love one for my room and I think we got an amazing deal.

Any questions?

Tip: If you buy plasma tvs - it`s recommended to NOT lay the TV flat when bringing it home, you should put it in your car upright.

Photo via Mine | Don`t take without Permission.

Source link: http://www.lg.com/us/tvs/lg-50PZ950-plasma-tv

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