Leukemia Doesnt ruin Beauty

Hi, this is my friend Jennifer. This is her before she got breast cancer going to senior prom. I think she is beautiful. Shortly after prom Jennifer noticed a lump in her breast and her and her mom made an appointment right away (breast cancer runs in their family). She had breast cancer for a little over a year and now she is a breast cancer survivor, but that`s not all. Now she has Leukemia from a pill she took after she had radiation. The doctor said that only 3 out of 100 people will get leukemia and I guess Jennifer was the lucky one. What amazes me is when she found out she had Leukemia the first thing out of her mouth was " I made it through breast cancer and I can make it through this. I am beautiful and determined." She is beautiful. Jennifer is trying to start her own charity to help not only others like her but all kinds of people and animals. She wants to show others how beautiful they are no matter what they have because in her words "It`s not the disease that makes you ugly it`s how you handle it, and if you stay positive then your always beautiful. Jennifer is in the hospital all the time and she can really do anything that she needs to do to stay connected to not only friends and family but to her fans and to getting her activities planned to raise money. Since I saw that an IPad was one of LUUUX`S prizes I thought maybe you all could help me get it for her. It would brighten her up more. She could get her parties, fundraiser`s, and stay connected to her facebook fans on her page, and stay in touch with the people who are helping her make all this happen.
So will you help me to help her? Will you help her show people how beautiful they are? Will you help her show people that "It`s not the disease that makes you ugly it`s how you handle it, and if you stay positive then your always beautiful! " Jennifer has made a facebook page called FindYourWayAgain and I welcome you to like her page. From Jennifer`s story and me sharing it to you I have found that it doesn`t matter how much make up, beauty products, or what you wear that makes you beautiful, It`s what you hold inside your heart that makes you beautiful! The Ipad is not for me it`s for my best friend who actually needs it for a really good use. Her parents can`t get her one because they have enough on their shoulders.
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