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3 years ago

Mascara is one of the first beauty items we use, partially because it`s fairly simple to put on. Bat a lash there, blink a little here, and vwala! You`re done. Most people don`t consider that applying mascara can be as easy, or as difficult as you`d like. I`m here to tell you that the results you get don`t all depend on the type of brand you use. Of course, the quality of any product will determine a large portion of how your makeup turns out, but so does the techniques you use to apply it.

One of the methods I use is to `wiggle it out`- literally. Take your mascara wand, and starting at the root of your lashes, gently wiggle it up to the ends. Repeat this process several times. Wiggling your wand will help to separate your eyelashes, avoid clumps and make for a more definitive look.

Another method I use is the `layering` method. After applying your first two coats of mascara, wait several minutes, allowing them to dry, before applying several more coats. This will further aid in bringing out the color of the mascara you`re using, without extending your eyelash length to awkward proportions. (Since your eyelashes will have already dried, don`t use the wiggle method again, as it`s main purpose is to shape your lashes. Simply move the mascara wand swiftly and smoothly against your lashes to achieve a more flawless look.)

I hope these two techniques will help you to better achieve the lashes you`re going for, without switching mascaras, or having to pay extra for a brand name!

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