Lets Talk Kitchen Designs!

3 years ago

Well...for now 1 design at a time. And this one will be about this one lol.

I love looking at houses for some reason. Maybe its for redecorating my current space of my dorm room or my current room at my parents house. But whatever it is, it got me into a crazy house buying phase. My aunt was watching HGTV and I was watching it with her and its interesting to see some of the people who remodeled and purchased houses.

And since HGTV has nicer designs than some current houses on market, I decided to browse around as a stress reliever from homework. Since (winter quarter started) J-term for me is going on, its a less than 1 month period of 1 semester class worth of 4 credits. Some classes are upbeat some or relaxed and some have crazy structure. But because I have a paper due tomorrow, no I have not started yet lol, I need to vent my stress with something I like at the moment.

I would love to post my outfits of the days but I need something that doesn`t require extracting my pictures off of my phone.

So, moving on, here is what I love about this kitchen design:
-BIG! ( i want a huge kitchen, I noticed at parties, family parties at least everyone hangs out in the kitchen, I want a space that is big enough to walk around chat, eat and cook and bake)
-the island is perfect for laying out food for a party. I mean this is a bit small if I were to host a party and people to stand around is hard to get food.
-the eat in kitchen, where you want your food to stay in, instead of moving food around to the dinning area its perfect to have a one place eating and cooking area
-i like the long kitchen but mainly the eat-in area, small for people to stand a hard to move around in a way. I like the long design.

What are your thoughts on this kitchen?

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Source link: http://www.hgtv.com/designers-portfolio/room/traditional/kitchens/9893/index.html#/id-10732/room-kitchens

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