Let`s Scooter with our Kid?

Don`t like running or jogging? Walking is too slow? Why not scooter? But would you scooter with your child in the front?

It sounds like a pretty "dumb" concept because what if you slip? This is called "Roller Buggy" a baby stroller that can be turned into a scooter when you want to go "faster". Your child is recommended to wear a helmet. Your legs are getting some movement but not enough to replace exercising.

Imagine going downhill.. but the designers did think it through about going downhill because there are hydraulic breaks to slow down the buggy or to bring the buggy to a stop.

<strong>Do you think this is a good idea? Scootering with your child in the front seat?</strong> I don`t think this is a good idea; I can actually see a huge law suit for this from many parents suing if this was a real "stroller". It reminds me of when parents` would ride their bikes and the baby would be behind them in the tent trailer attached to the bike. I don`t trust those, what if your baby gets detached?

<strong>If you have kid(s), what kind of sports/exercises do you do to engage your children in them too?</strong>

Source link: http://www.gizmag.com/roller-buggy-stroller-scooter-hybrid/15140/picture/114762/

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