Let`s Remember this: Selena Quintanilla

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Ok. I really want to blog about this now. This is Selena Quintanilla. She was EXTREMELY famous in the music/entertainment industry many years ago. Maybe it`s been like fifteen (15) years or more since her death.

But she was very famous, especially amongst the hispanic community. Everybody loved her. I still remember being like 5 or so (but all I know is that I was very small), and watching her on TV all the time.

I won`t forget that one day my parents and I were sitting watching TV in California when they were televising about her murder. lol. I remember that my sister and I were sitting there and when they showed her killer, we were calling her a marshmallow or something like that, and our parents told us to stop it!

But if anything, she was really good in the entertainment industry. I wanna recommend maybe look her up and some of her songs. She really was a good singer.

Have any of you luuuxies heard of her, or remember her, for that matter?

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