Let`s play Tennis w 2 Rackets?!

I was on a tennis team for two years back in Highschool and I sucked. Tennis is hard enough with one racket let alone with two rackets in my opinion.

But why two rackets?
Many who play tennis often can suffer from bad wrists so they can`t play tennis that much which is why Don Mueller, a professor at New Jersey City University thought about just incorporating another racket so for those who have "one" bad wrist, you got another =)

Does the game change with two rackets? Nope, same rules and regulations.

Some pros of using two rackets?
For those who have bad backs you don`t have to bend down to get the ball, you can pick up the tennis ball with two rackets.
Using two rackets helps an even distribution supposedly

Overall: I think it`s a pretty interesting idea to play with two rackets but I think it would be harder cause the rackets aren`t lightweight like badminton rackets. But for those who are passionate with tennis and have "one bad arm/wrist" and want to continue playing tennis then perhaps it`s a good idea. Since playing tennis with two rackets isn`t common, I am sure you will get strange looks if you were playing at a tennis court among others. =)

Are you a good tennis player? Would you want to learn playing tennis with one or two rackets?
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Source link: http://www.nj.com/hudson/index.ssf/2011/08/njcu_adjunct_teaches_two_racke.html

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