Let`s play Spikeball!

Spikeball actually originated back in 1990 however it wasn`t popular as it is becoming now. This sport is becoming popular at colleges around the world such as Indiana University, Illinois State University, UNC Chapel Hill, Saint John, Notre Dame, Dartmouth and more as a sport at the college campuses.

<strong>What is Spikeball?</strong>

Three words that define Spikeball: 1) Intense 2) Competitive 3) Trash Talk

It`s a game similar to Volleyball
2 vs 2 player game
The game has a net (the size of a hula hope) and it is ankle height
First team to score 21 points wins

<strong>How to play?</strong>
Team 1 serves the ball by hitting the net and Team 2 has to hit the ball (up to 3 times, the team does not have to hit the ball 3 times though). You hit the ball back and forth til` someone misses and whoever misses doesn`t get a point but the other team scores a point.

<strong>Did you know Spikeball existed? Is this a sport you would play?</strong> This sport is new to me and it sounds very interesting and cool. It doesn`t require as much people compared to volleyball and is more compact HOWEVER I wouldn`t be good at this game. I am horrible at games that involve the ball close to you or bounces because I tend to close my eyes thinking the ball is going to hit me, lol.

Learn more about spikeball rules? http://www.spikeball.com/spikeball_rules_regs.pdf

<em>Want to buy a Spikeball set?</em>

Photos via http://community.spikeball.com/2010/09/29/spikeball-taking-over-illinois-state-univ-indiana-univ-bucknell-arizona-state-iowa-state-univ-iowa/ and http://www.spikeball.com/

Source link: http://community.spikeball.com/2010/09/29/spikeball-taking-over-illinois-state-univ-indiana-univ-bucknell-arizona-state-iowa-sta

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