Let`s play POOL in the POOL, get it?!

When I go to the swimming pool, I can never "just" swim laps. I always like to play around usually because I`m with my friends. We would play tag or make up some games but what do you think of this design-- being able to put a pool table in a swimming pool? How can a pool table go in the pool? Through the company they are going to waterproof the pool table so it`ll be safe in pool without rotting and what not and of course secured to the bottom of the pool. I guess if you have $6,500+ laying around you can put this pool table in your pool. You can customize the pool for more money too but the base cost is $6,500! But honestly, I think that would defeat the purpose of having a swimming pool in the first place if you put this in. You can always have a pool table on flat services instead.

<strong><em>What do you think of this design -- Pool in a Pool?</strong></em> If I had a pool, I wouldn`t want a pool table in my pool because it`d take up too much room. But I can picture these pool tables in like Las Vegas hotel swimming pool though. That would be pretty sick to see and play pool at a hotel but not in my own backyard.

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