Let`s grub @ Michelle`s for Mother`s Day!

My mom`s side of the family celebrated Mother`s Day yesterday on Saturday. Each family is responsible to bring an appetizer, entree or dessert of some sort to share with everyone. My family brought /viz/fried-butterflied-shrimp which was incredibility delicious because it was fried, lol. I took a bunch of photos of what there was to eat at the pot luck however I didn`t take a photo of everything because my family members were looking at me as if I was crazy..
What food was there? Photo #1 (Top left) My aunt prepared Fried Rice. She topped the edges with Shrimp for those who enjoy Shrimp and for those who don`t can still enjoy the Fried Rice. She also used baby tomatoes to make a heart shape and carved roses out of tomatoes. (Top right) My aunt prepared fried noodles with carrot, bbq pork, shrimp, cabbage. (Bottom left) My aunt made sauteed/cooked quail with some eggs! (Bottom right) This is just chicken, lots of greens (mint, cilantro), red onions, in a sweet sauce. There`s a term for this in Vietnamese but I can`t remember. I`ll call this Chicken Salad. Photo #2 (Top left) Some Pad Thai (Top right) My dad made these! (Bottom left) My aunt ordered these Pate Chaud (also known as Pate So or Hot Pie!) (Bottom right) My aunt made soup with banh canh noodles. It`s a mixture of all sorts even OAT MEAL. I was like what? But it was really good shockingly.
*And when I say aunt, they`re all different aunts that prepared them not the same, lol. We also had a bunch more food (not shown) such as: egg rolls, spring rolls, Asian chips, pizza and etc. There was so much food I can`t even remember. Overall: Everything was really good and I was SO full after eating all sorts of foods! My favorites was my dad`s appetizer and the chicken salad especially! :)
What was your favorite meal for Mother`s Day if you celebrate it? And, Happy Mother`s Day to all Mother`s! :) Photos via Mine | Don`t take without Permission.

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