Let`s Go on a Brazilian Adventure with My Boyfriend

5 years ago

I thought it would be fun to share this as I went on a Brazilian Adventure with my Boyfriend. Him and I have been together almost 8yrs. He`s the love of my life and I would totally let him do anything... That includes give me a Brazilian!
I`ve been using the above pictured wax for awhile now so I`m use to its formulation how its works etc. I use it to do my brows not once have I ever tried to give myself a Brazilian but I have had one professionally done about a year ago and I liked the results. What I like best about Brazilians is the down time between shaving. With a Brazilian I don`t have to shave/wax for about 3 weeks where as if I shave only I`m shaving about every other day to two days causing lots of irritation which isn`t so pretty.
What made me want to let him do it? Well he`s a barber I figured with my instruction and his experience this adventure would go "smoothly" I was wrong oh so very wrong... I had all my supplies ready and went over this thoroughly with him I told him we heat the wax, apply the wax with an applicator (I did purchase larger ones that are not photographed) take a muslin strip press it on the wax rub back and forth, pull the skin tautly, and rip it off in the opposite direction of growth. ok so he followed my instruction I happened to leave out you rip it off quickly he did it nice and slowly holy hell did that hurt but it came out smooth he was impressed with his results and went at it again this time to much time lapsed between wax application and applying a strip so the wax would not come off! So he did it again, and again and my lady parts were now covered is hardened blue wax I said let me show you thinking I could do a better job I took a handheld mirror applied my wax applied my strip rubbed and pulled it wouldn`t come off! He decided were done with this were not doing anymore were going to get this wax off our adventure is over. He grabbed my wax off cream solution and started rubbing it on wax off does not live up to its name it does not take the wax off! He asked me how do you get the wax off when you do your brows I said hot water melts it. He microwaved a bowl of water with a dish rag and attempted to clean me up this did help loosen some wax that we were both able to pull off but we still had a lot remaining I seriously though oh gosh I`m going to be stuck with a waxy vagina I`m going to have to go soak in a hot bath and try to get this crap off! He made a suggestion he`s like maybe I should grab my strait edge razor it will cut all this off. He`s never wanted to use his strait edge on me before as hes always been afraid of cutting me but this time he had to. From start to finish this took 2 hours I did get my smooth results but they were via strait edge razor and not wax. I feel I was a trooper through it all not once, did I bitch, cry, or whine. I simply laughed my ass off the whole time.
So will we ever do it again? He says no but yet he wants to research and see how to do this and see if he can get it down to a science. I on the other hand although sore and irritated today told him don`t add waxing to his list of services anytime soon but I totally would let him do it again it was an experience I will never forget.

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