Let`s go Kiteboarding @ 57.2 MPH!

I live in the heart of beaches and I have never heard of <em><Strong>kiteboarding</strong></em> before what an embarrassment but it looks like a thrilling sport to try out!

<strong>What is Kiteboarding also known as kitesurfing or flysurfing?</strong>

Kiteboarding is a combination of windsurfing, surfing, sailing and wakeboarding. If you`re someone whose into speed, getting wet and like to get your thrill on ... this one is for you especially if you want to go visit Xiamen, Fujian - China. The waves there, you can ride up to 97kph which is estimated to 57.2 MILES PER HOUR, OMG that is crazy fast. But if you`re not on the wild side, you can kiteboard anywhere that there is a beach available like in California, Baja California, Washington, and so forth. I did a little research and gear for kite-boarding is quite an expensive sport, a board is around $700+ up to over $2,000.

<Strong>Would you want to learn how to kiteboard? Especially going at 57.2 MPH?</strong> That is freaking crazy!! I would be too scared to go that fast but it does sound like a fun and interesting sport to try out. =)

Source link: http://www.cnngo.com/shanghai/play/outdoor-adventures/7-chinas-coolest-outdoor-activities-753701

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