Let`s go INSANO? 65MPH, 4-5 SEC Drop Water Slide!

<strong>Insano</strong> is a water attraction at Beach Park which is located in Fortaleza, Brazil. Insano is the highest water slide in the world standing at 41 meters high which is equivalent to a 14 building story! <em>That is freaking crazy</em> so if you ever wish to know how it`d feel like to jump out of a building, you can get that sort of thrill but by sliding down. The drop isn`t in slow motion either, the drop time takes approximately 4 to 5 seconds and you`re going 105km/h which is about 65 mph. To bring yourself to a halt, you`ll be thrown into the pool. It will take you longer to get to the top then to slide down.

<strong>Do you have the guts to slide down Insano?</strong> As much as I love Water rides and attractions- I`m not sure if I have the guts to slide down this! I would question how sturdy the slide is and what if I happen to not sit in the middle of the slide, what if my feet dragged me and I fell out? So many "scary" scenarios can happen.

Source link: http://www.maisturismo.net/beach-park-fortaleza-ceara-brasil/beach-1-insano/

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