Let`s go Ice Climbing at Gooseberry Falls State Park!

Have you ever been rock climbing or bungee jumping? Did you have fun? Would you want to challenge yourself at Ice Climbing?

Since there isn`t any snow or ice where I live anything that involves snow or ice fascinates me. Yes, I can see snow in Big Bear which is like 6-8 hours away but I want to be somewhere that snows constantly to experience it.

While browsing the Living Social site I came across a fun adventure that is new to me which is Ice Climbing. In the package you get to experience Ice Climbing, Snowshoeing and Ice Bar for $355. If interested: http://www.livingsocial.com/adventures/223766-ice-climbing-+-ice-bar You will be visiting Gooseberry Falls State Park which is located in Minnesota.

As interesting as Ice Climbing sounds, I bet it is extremely hard because what if you hit an area that is wet.. or a sharp area that falls on you. You have to be sure to secure your equipment to the ice really strong or else good bye you go and it`s going to be mighty cold out! =X

<strong>Would you want to try experiencing Ice Climbing?</strong>

Besides Ice Climbing at Gooseberry Falls State Park you could go hiking on the trails, enjoy scenery views, snowshoeing, ski, picnicking, and so forth.

Article via http://www.livingsocial.com/adventures/223766-ice-climbing-+-ice-bar
Photo via http://apexmountainschool.com/ice-climbing/trips/vail-ice-climbing

Source link: http://apexmountainschool.com/ice-climbing/trips/vail-ice-climbing

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