Let`s fly Hello Kitty to Taipei-Guam-Seoul-Fukuoka-Hong Kong-Tokyo!!

Calling all <strong>Hello Kitty</strong> lovers.. you can now experience Hello Kitty world on an airplane especially if you`re traveling anywhere from Taipei to Guam because starting January 3, 2012 ALL Eva flights that fly from Taipei to Guam will be placed on the Hello Kitty jet!

<strong>What`s so cool about the Hello Kitty Jet?</strong> It`s Hello Kitty-fied, girly, cute!

Flight attendants are in Hello Kitty Aprons
Your baggage, receipt, baggage information and stuff all have Hello Kitty on it!
Hello Kitty headrest, covers, tissues, utensils, lotion, pillows, blankets and so forth!
Your food is even HELLO KITTY!
And much much more!

<strong>What are the routes offered for this jet?</strong>

There are three Hello Kitty Jets, they are called
Apple Jet - flies to Seoul and Fukoka
Global Jet - serves Hong Kong and Tokyo
Magic Jet - flies to Sapporo and Guam

These three jets will fly for one year and afterwards who knows.. maybe on display?

<strong>Have you ever been to Taipei, Guam, Seuol, Fukoka, Honk Kong, or Tokyo? Would you want to experience how it`s like to be in Hello Kitty world while in the sky and in a jet? Would you just go to to anyone of those places to just experience the Hello Kitty jet?</strong> If I had money, I would totally go to just to experience flying in a Hello Kitty jet! It`s oh so cute! Yes, I`m still a kid at heart. =)

<strong>If you were on this plane, would it be hard to resist from taking the soap, pillow or something?</strong> I bet the plane gets a lot of thieves cause everything is TOO cute to resist. :)

Photos via http://www.cnngo.com/explorations/life/eva-air-does-its-best-new-hello-kitty-jets-623405?hpt=hp_bn7 curiosity of Eva Air
Articles via http://www.cnngo.com/explorations/life/eva-air-does-its-best-new-hello-kitty-jets-623405?hpt=hp_bn7 & http://www.traveldailynews.com/pages/show_page/47460-EVA-Air-launches-first-Hello-Kitty-jet-flying-the-Taipei-Guam-route

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