Lets Decorate amp Play a Mystery!

Good Morning everyone! If you guys read my last http://www.luuux.com/design/so-many-cute-things-target?blog_id=61392 post then you know about the 9 or so card making kits I bought. Well I made cards alright lols. I decorated them with different things other than the things they supplied in the kit. I added rub ons to some & other stickers. I can`t wait to send them out to my pen pals. I`m even playing a little game with them. The game instructions are...
I just decorated 23 cards. :D 8 have a black background, 7 have a grey background and there are 7 yellow backgrounds. When I get your card, I will post that I got it, you have your choice to either receive a grey, yellow or black background card. Mind you they are ALL different designs. Don`t worry, they`re all cute. I might post a picture of some of them. :) Along with the color, you`ll be saying a number between between 1-8 or 1-7 depending on how many cards a color group has. :) For example, if you pick yellow, and out of 1-7, you pick 3, then you get the 3rd card in the pile. I think its a good game. & They get to pick a card but they don`t know what design it has on. Its a mystery game lols. ;) I can`t wait. They should be excited but I`m more excited.
Does anyone have pen pals? What do you think of my cards?

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