Let`s Cook: Kimchi Fried Rice

1 year ago

It`s late and I`m hungry so I needed something easy and quick. Since I still have a jar full of Kimchi and wanting to eat eggs, I decided to make Kimchi Fried Rice.

1 garlic, minced
1 green onions, chopped
1-2 egg(s) (depending on how hungry you are)
A handful of squeezed Kimchi
Juice squeezed from Kimchi
Soy Sauce, according to taste
Sesame Seeds Oil, according to taste
Sesame Seeds (optional for garnish)
Shredded Carrots (optional)

In a bowl, add cooked rice and Sesame Seeds oil. Mix them together. Set aside.
In a different bowl, add a grabful of kimchi and squeeze out the juice. With this juice, add soy sauce to it. Mix the sauces together and set them aside. Set the kimchi aside.
Minced the garlic. Set aside.
Chopped the green onions. Set aside.
In a pan, fry the egg(s) to your taste. Set aside.
Sautee the shredded carrots in the hot frying pan for a couple of seconds to soften it. Set the carrots aside. (Optional Step if you want shredded carrots)
Add a bit of oil to the frying pan. Add garlic. Then add the rice. Stir it for a couple of minutes. Add the kimchi and stir them together for a couple of minutes. Pour the Kimchi Juice mixed with soy sauce all over the mixed rice. Add more soy sauce to taste if it`s not salty.
Transfer the mixed Kimchi Fried rice to a bowl. Top it with the fried egg(s) and garnishs it with green onions as well as Sesame Seeds.

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