Let YOUR Bra hold your CellphoneMoneyCards!

Would you wear this <strong>JoeyBra</strong>, a bra designed to hold your cellphone as well as your money/cards if you wish. This design was invented by two college students at the University of Washington`s Foster School of Business. They came up with this concept for the school`s Business Plan Competition and is one of the finalist winners. The <strong>JoeyBra</strong> will actually be sold at the University`s bookstore. As for price, it`s not known yet.

<strong>What do you think of the JoeyBra? Would you wear it? Do you stuff your cellphone or cash in your bra?</strong>

I think this is a "cleaner" method of stuffing your cellphone/money INTO your bra because there is a designated section for your cellphone/money to go. If I had to stuff my cellphone/money then I would use this BUT I don`t and it`s not my thing so no thanks. However, if you DO stuff your phone/money into your bra which I have seen so many ladies do then I think this is a great concept for you all because your phone and especially MONEY has a lot of germs!! Imagine how many hands touched the money you received at the store and where have those hands been and so forth..

Source link: http://gizmodo.com/5905565/would-you-wear-this-cellphone+holster-bra

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