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4 years ago

Since my success with Insanity, I decided I wanted to purchase another Beachbody program, but this time, I was looking for something that involved more weights. For the longest time, I was thinking of P90X, but then Les Mills Pump came out, and everyone fell in love with it! I asked almost everyone I knew what they`d recommend, and I got recommended this program most of all. So I purchased it on Thursday, and received it Saturday (yesterday)! Very fast shipping.

I actually don`t plan to start this program until Sunday July 1st, but I did go ahead and open the package just to make sure that everything that was supposed to be there was there.

First of all, the package was huge weighing at 42 pounds! Within the large package was four smaller packages. One was a box with the workout DVDs, fitness guide, and meal plan.

One box had two five pound weights, and the other was two 10 pound weights. The longer package was the bar.

This is the first time ever trying a program like this that incorporates weights and all this other stuff that I don`t know about yet, so I`m very excited to start. As much success as I had, and continue to have, with Insanity, it`s both refreshing to be doing something different, and also promising that I`m going to be getting the results that I`m looking for from this program.

Since I haven`t started it yet, I don`t much of what it entails besides the obvious. Les Mills Pump is a 90 day program that uses something called the Rep Effect that "pushes your body to shed fat at a rapid pace while building long, lean, sexy muscles without the bulk." It seems very fun and energetic, and I`ve heard nothing but amazing reviews on this thing.

I`m definitely going to be keeping you guys up to date on my progress throughout my Les Mills Pump journey. One thing I`d like to do this time around that I didn`t do throughout my Insanity journey is not only will I be sharing my "before" and "after" pictures, but I`ll be explaining my thoughts thus far on the program, how it`s been effective, what I like or don`t like, eating habits, etc.

I know there`s a lot of people out there who will benefit from posts like these, and that`s my purpose in doing them. I hope my journey to a better, healthier life will help you in yours :)


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