Leopard Print Nails! Michael`s Nail Sticker review

4 years ago

Michaels Nail Art stickers

Im a big fan of nail art, but unfortunately, I wasnt exactly blessed with a steady hand, or the ability to make creative designs, so I usually end up trying simpler designs, or sometimes going to a salon to have them do it!

Another option for the less creatively inclined like myself is to use nail art stickers. The ones from Sally Hansen are probably the most well known, and also have the widest variety of designs. My sister has tried a few of these designs at home, but its Im going to shell out up to 10 dollars for nail art, I would much rather go to a salon where they can add custom nail art for a dollar or 2 per nail!

Instead, I discovered that Michaels (yes, the arts and crafts store!) carries some nail art stickers! They dont have a huge selection, but they are much cheaper than the Sally Hansen ones. I bought 3 different designs for the price of one of the Sally Hansen ones, but I never got the chance to try them.
However, I had a party this weekend, and I wanted to try some nail art, so I decided to test em out!

First thing about the Michaels stickers vs the SH ones is that the Michaels ones only come with 10 stickers, while the SH ones come with 16 which gives you the ability to size the best ones for your nail. The Michaels ones are also all different sizes, which I found a little odd. Instead of pairs of the same size, they all gradually got smaller.

I know that you are supposed to be able to stretch the SH ones a little bit to fir your nail, and so I tried that with the Michaels ones. I succeeded in doing so with my thumb, but if you pay attention to my pinky, you will notice a little tear from when I tried to stretch it LOL. Thankfully it wasnt too obvious.

It wasnt too difficult to apply the strips, and they were fairly easy to smooth out. I got a few bumps along the way, but the great part about the design it that it is forgiving. Any little bumps and stuff dont really show unless you look really closely.

I applied them one at a time and used the mini file included in the kit to file of the excess strips. I then applied a top coat to help the design stay put.

I was actually quite impressed with these. I got tons of compliments at the party I attended and they stayed on very well.

After around 3 or 4 days, I started getting some tip wear. Once or twice, they started peeling, but usually I could just press them down and put on another layer of top coat when I got home which helped the last longer. After the 5th day, I started getting some major peeling and while I could keep fixing it, I got bored and wanted to try out something else anyways.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with these. Compared to my sisters SH stickers, these stack up pretty well, and you can beat the price! I suggest you try them out yourself and see if they work for you!

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