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5 years ago

Iced tea is one of my favourite drinks, partly because it`s so refreshing, and partly because I can tell myself I`m getting the "health benefits" of tea when I drink it (lol). There`s also that fact that there`s a little caffeine kick in there, which I can`t complain about!

Whenever I drink iced tea, I usually go for a sugar-free version, as I find that most drinks with sugar in them are TOO sugary and end up making me thirsty in the end, which is totally not what I want. I`ve tried Diet Arizona iced tea and Nestea Zero but I think that Diet Snapple iced tea might be my favourite! As far as I know, it comes in Lemon and Peach. The Lemon variety is great - it`s tangy, not too sweet, and has black and green tea combined in it, which makes for a great, balanced flavour, in my opinion. It`s also only 10 calories per bottle, which is a bonus.

As far as teas go, Diet Snapple iced tea actually tastes like tea without being too bitter, like some other iced teas I`ve tried. It`s light but flavourful! However, if Snapple made a plain, unsweetened tea, I would love that. It would certainly be a healthier choice, as artificial sweeteners aren`t good for you. I have tried Peace Iced Tea (the unsweetened varieties), and thought it was great! However, it`s not available where I live, so I only get to have it when I travel somewhere that does. >.<

<strong>Do you like iced tea? What are your favourite brands or flavours?</strong>

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