Lemon Power ))!

Hey , if you have a naturally weak nails here is a tip that could help you :)!
I think loads of gurls had problems with growing strong long beautiful nails . I do have really weak nails and i have been using so many creams , polishes , gels .. everything i saw in shops that acctually promised to help keep my nails strong.. well, nothing realy helped. So i found out that lemon does help a lot because well it sure contains the vitamine C our nails are dying to get :)!

This is what i`ve been doin for over a year now and i must say , it does really help !!! ( Theres a pic of my nails how they look now)
There is few different ways to do that so you just choose whatever suits to you the best :)

*Take a Lemon , cut it in half and stick your nails into the lemon skin (use each half for each hand) . Now you can hold them in the lemon skin for about 7 minutes . After you done this try not to wash your hands another 10 minutes . You can also keep the halfes of the lemons in a fridge , those 2 halves will last you for about 5-7 times to use.

*Also another way to do this is you can soap your make-up pads in lemon juice and then rubbing the pads into your nails for 5-7 minutes .
*Or take a bowl with warm water , squeeze a whole lemon into it.Dip your fingers into that mix and hold them down for about 15 minutes.

If you hold into this simple receipe every evening or whenever you have free time , you will notice in a week how your nails will grow faster , get whiter and stronger :)

Enjoy!! xx

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