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Im sure most people know about this home remedy to treat acne or scars, but for those who don`t, keep on reading.

So I`m not going to go into scientific details other than LEMON is a citrus fruit that carries antioxidants and citric acid that can help acne, scars, and lighten dark spots.

STORY: Boyfriend has a very sensitive skin type, and he is normal to oily skin. He was very prone to get acne so fast if anything touched his face. so I decides to try the lemon remedy on him. OMG! best best thing.. not only did his acne disappeared, the scars slowly vanished as well.. I was loving the new skin.

All you need is LEMON or LIME and alittle bit of sugar or salt.
before applying make sure your face is clean and dry.
Cut up lemon and put just a very tiny bit of sugar or salt and rub gently around the area... dont want too much sugar or salt because u dont want to irritate your skin.

wait for about 2 minutes for your pores to suck it all.. and then wash with cooled water.... after please MOISTURIZE!!! very important....

There you have it... this is very good also for lightening armpits, buttcracks.....lol... n in between thighs..i guess anywhere :)


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