Lemon and sugar facials

So this is a really simple way to keep your skin feeling fresh and light and oil free. And it`s super cheap too!
The first thing you should do is rinse your face with warm water to open up your pores.
Second, tie your hair back and restrain all loose strands.

Now the fun part! Take a tissue and fold it into a square OR take a cotton makeup pad and apply the lemon juice. Then get a pinch of sugar and sprinkle it onto the tissue or pad and then scrub your face. Don`t be afraid to apply some pressure while your scrubbing as you need to remove the dead skin building up on your skin.
Avoid contact with eyes and remember to reapply lemon juice and sugar as needed.
When you`ve finished scrubbing, rinse your face with water dry and apply a moisturizer.
Cheap and simple facial scrub that you can use almost daily.. Try not to use daily as your face will go red and needs time to settle. So try to aim for every 2-3 days :)

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