Leighton Meester - hit or miss?

4 years ago

I must say that neither I am a fan of Gossip girl or her style, but I loooooooooooooved this dress the moment IO saw it...
I was on http://starstyleinc.com and I saw this photo of her and I really feel in lvoe with the leatehr dress... I love letaher first of all... especially on shorts, skirts,d ress, but it`s indeed not anything that pleases me... It needs to be soemthinf rally well made, like this dress... I lvoe the leatehr, it`s sexya dn edgy, but then it has got that girly bottom which adds a pop and amkeuop it looks more classy, elegant, and of ocurse, feminine!
I just hope she didn` ruint hings upw ith her shoes, which she sometimes does on other looks, because I really love the dress, the hairstyle and those earrigns, defneitlwey make all the diference here, they stand out and also add a pop, they look ebyond perfect here indeed ;)!!!!
Huger hit for me defneitely!

Source link: http://www.starstyleinc.com/leighton-meester-ac650.html

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