Legs Up the Wall Yoga Pose

4 years ago

Due to my job I do a lot of standing which is great, but pain the butt sometime. At times when I stand for a very long time my legs, feet and back would start hurting. I`m getting old! :/

I`ve done a few online searching and wanted to share you a yoga pose I do often. It`s a very simple step and it helps a lot! This is something called "Legs Up the Wall." As the name explain itself all you need to do is set your legs against the wall. I usually do mines on a bed so I won`t hurt my back. You can use a pillow to support your back if you`re willing to lie on the floor.

The whole benefits out of doubt is that it helps calms your minds, help to ease back pains, helps to relax your legs, feet and back. Lastly it will cleanse and restores your body and mind.

I do this pose often as possible. I catch myself doing this yoga pose in the morning and when I go to bed.

1. What other yoga poses do you recommend?
2. Have you tried this method before?

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