LED Nightlight For The Toilets

5 years ago

Are you one of those clumsy people who bumps into things at night? ****slowly raising both hands just because it was so dark time that one time. I literally walked into the door! Lmao! The thing was the door to go out is always opened! For some reason it was closed. D:

But yeah this is when the LED Nightlight for the Toilet comes in. This is such a brilliant idea for both men and women. Are you the type of person who handles your business with no lights on? Well, here`s some thing cool that will help you. These are LED Nightlight for the Toilet. They`re tiny & easily designed for you attached them to your toilet. Don`t worry it will detect when you enter and leave the restroom.

I`m the type of person who doesn`t like when guys leave the seat up. I don`t like touching bathroom stuff so that`s my reason. Lucky this gadget will lights up Green if the seat is down. It lights up Red when the seat is up also there`s a target in the men. So they`ll know where to aim. Lmao! They`re sold for $35.68!

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