LED changing color lights on faucets and shower heads

4 years ago

LED lights! They have been around for awhile now, and are progressively getting less expensive. Still a good chunk of change though. When I think about LED lights I think about them being this great money spending thing but that is supposed to save you money over time and pay itself off through decreased electricity bills and such. I actually have LED lights over my fish tank right now, and they are certainly VERY cool, and fun to play with, them dim and can change colors, or the degree of one color vs the other, and I think the coolest thing is that since they are programmable, the one over my fish tank is programmed to have periodic lightening storms haha it`s fun to watch. Not that these shower and faucet lights would really save you money in the long run (for most people at least) since most people don`t have lights on their shower heads or faucets haha but none the less they are very cool!!! I think I would want to turn the lights off in the shower if I got one of these LED shower heads haha just to fully enjoy the color changing show.
Still an item I would consider a luxury though, as the lights really aren`t necessary for you to be able to wash your hands and such. They are having a sale on their lights on this sight though which is kind of cool ranging from 30% to 70% off! :D

Do you think you would ever want to get LED light changing shower heads / faucets? Do they seem like a luxury item to you too? Do you think they would be cool to use? What about LED lights in general to help save money?

pictures not mine! Link included :D

Source link: http://www.lightinthebox.com/10-inch-Chrome-Brass-Square-LED-Rainfall-Shower-Head--Without-Shower-Arm--0758-HM-D002-1-_p172067.h

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