LeBron James` brilliant destruction of Pacers can`t mask his maddening habits

4 years ago

Early in the fourth quarter of Sunday`s Game 1 win, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra looked the NBA`s MVP in the eye and said, "You cannot get tired." Lebron James and the Miami Heat remember last years collapse during the 4th quarters against the Dallas Mavericks. From that point on, there have been many jokes about Jamess disastrous 4th quarter. But this is a different season and Lebron James is playing with an MVP title and redemption.
The only downside was the injury of Chris Bosh due to Jamess reckless play. James may be unstoppable down the stretch but was it right for him to get his teammates going or take over?
Game 1 was surprisingly close throughout, and the Heat didn`t take control until the final minutes. It seemed like every play was James hustling the ball up court, slamming on the brakes, peeling back and then throwing it to someone else. This led to Boshs injury: James was close enough to the basket to finish or draw a foul, but he deferred and Bosh got hurt underneath the glass. I believe if James feels like hes on fire, unstoppable, keep the flow going and pass out only when needed. This isn`t to say James is responsible for a teammate`s injury. Do you agree?

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