Leaving Luuux :(

3 years ago

I`m actually really disappointed for leaving luuux, I`ve been here since 2010, during summer I did posts every single day because school was over so I could dedicate myself to Luuux, during the rest of the year I always tried to make at least two or three posts per week.
I`ve been away from luuux for almost 6 months, because I didn`t like the changes that were made, I love to blog but obviously I was posting here because we could win prizes otherwise I would write in a blog.
With the new changes If I order something I`ll have to pay the shipping with real money and it`s really expensive, so I would like to apologize to everyone that follow my post after all this years but is not easy to keep posting here.
I`ll let my account open so everyone that comment and liked my posts don`t lose their Luuux`s.
I`ll really miss the people here, I`ve met so many good people here, thanks to them for making this journey here much easier :D
For those that are also thinking about leaving luuux but loves to blog, I would like to let you know, that there`s a new website just like luuux, called Bubblews, where you also get paid for posting but instead of getting prizes you get real money, everytime you hit 25 dollars you can cashout that money into your paypal account or get a check. You win money for every like, comment and view that your post get, it`s actually easy, I started yesterday and I already have 5 dollars.
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