Learning how to walk in heels

In high heels, usually do not carry the weight from heel to toe, as in race walking, and stepping on the foot immediately. Most walk in shoes on heels on a little bent legs. To remember once and for all to walk in high heels with legs bent - is not correct. Leg, which carries the whole center of gravity should remain straight. Owners of strong legs to walk properly in high heels much easier. The basis for correct gait in high heels - good posture. Posture - a familiar pose of man, which he keeps sitting and standing. Good posture is usually measured in the standing position. In this case, the head and body are in the same column, a little pripodymaetsya chest, stomach sucked. If you look back, your shoulders should be level. Only with such a posture, you can easily learn how to wear heels. So you were able to wear beautiful and high-heel shoes, you first need to learn to keep his head and shoulders. To do this, go to the mirror, turn your head straight and level with the shoulders. Stay in this position exactly one minute, then close your eyes and try to relax, and then return to the correct position. Then open your eyes, and check their gait. This exercise should be done for as long as the correct position does not become a habit, until you learn to walk in that position. In conclusion, it is worth noting that the reason for irregular gait, slouching is diffidence. Each woman is individual in its own way and the ability to walk properly in high heels - it will and practice

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