Learn to choose the right lipstick for every occasion

Know how to define what type of good is better for your mouth, can make a difference in a make-up. So, learn more about types of lipsticks!

You know what the best type of lipstick to her mouth? Without doubt, a well-designed mouth can make it even more sensual and attractive. To achieve a beautiful mouth, the kind of lipstick you choose can make all the difference. Meet some types of lipsticks in the market for cosmetics.

Women who prefer a more basic make-up are perfectly suited to the gloss. This transparent type of lipstick is used to give a glow effect on the lips and leaves the mouth more sensual. The gloss can be used both day-to-day, as in more sophisticated productions. Many women also love the gloss with glitters that are even more beautiful and attractive.
The creamy lipsticks are a favorite of women, as they hydrate and have a perfect grip. In addition to the moisturizing effect, creamy lipsticks fix more than the others, have vitamins and filter-solar in composition.
Enameled or liquid lipsticks, are similar to the gloss. The difference is that they are colorless, adhere better to the lips and are highly moisturizing. The lipsticks dry type are those that usually come in pencil form. They are used in finishing and contour of the mouth.
The opaque lipsticks have the same creamy consistency, but do not shine. They have greater holding power and are more discreet. If you want a neutral production, the opaque are an excellent choice. Moreover, the opaque shades, associated with eye makeup as well, make women more sexy and powerful.
You is a modern woman, proud and super feminine, must have a lipstick in your estojinho each type of makeup. Every time you choose the most suitable for the make-up you want to do.
Choosing the color lipsticks
If you want a makeup soft, delicate and angelic, the pinks are the most recommended. The opaque pink lipsticks make her look even more sexy. The creamy pink metallized also leave your lips sensual and delicate. Women with bright white skin should opt for pinks.
The lipstick color can also be combined with your clothes or accessories. The tones of rust, for example, are ideal for this kind of look. Accessories in brass or gold match the shade of lipstick. If you want a make-up neutral, they are also recommended. The darker skin tones blend perfectly with the earth.
The reds are perfect for women more sophisticated, modern and elegant. Use the red lipsticks in daring productions. If you want a more discreet red, shades prefer more forward wine. To achieve a well designed lip, pass a dry brown lipstick on the contour of the mouth, pencil-shaped, before passing the red.
The lipstick in shade coffee also make beautiful lips, fleshy and lush. They can be used by women with fair skin or in the darker. To leave your mouth even more beautiful before moving past the lipstick lip pencil to make the outline well defined.
The vibrant lipstick shades are also beautiful, leaving the mouth even more in evidence. The vibrant colors must be in harmony with the chosen look.
The tones nudes, also called color of the mouth, are ideal for those who want a makeup sensual, inspired by the retro style. Combine with eyes designed to get even sexier.

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